At Daley Development, Monique and Adrian Daley offer affordable solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Our wide-ranging skills allow us to offer a variety of services including web site design, product photography, web site development, and custom programming. We specialize in developing Wordpress web sites.

How will Daley Development work with you in the development of your web site? It's a six step process that is specific to your company's unique needs.

We begin with a Strategy to ensure that we're developing a web site that you need and that will meet your needs in the future. In the Design phase, we work with you to develop a look and feel for your site that sets you apart from your competition and that complements your existing collateral. Then we begin the site Development and create all of the web pages, forms, and interactivity. Once you are completely satisfied and have given final approval, it is time to Launch the site. Promotion of the site is the next step to help drive customers to your site. And finally, site Maintenance - we'll help you keep your site updated and looking fresh or coach you on how to make updates yourself.

So why the plain single-page web site? For 20 years, we've helped a lot of really great companies manage their online presence. We get most of our work through referrals and word of mouth. If you are here checking out our web site, you have likely been chatting with a past client. We'd rather put our time and effort into chatting with you and learning about how we can help your business rather than maintaining a big, fancy web site for ourselves.